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Film Categories

Pigeon Shooting Films - Decoying - As the name suggest this category is all about the art and techniques used to pull birds in.  Click Here!

 NEW Tips, Tricks And Tactics - Is all about those handy pieces of information and equipment that combine to make your life so much easier.  Click Here!

Patented Inventions - Unique and new ideas to help you shoot more birds.  Click Here!

Reviews - No nonsense and long term unbiased test results of Equipment.  Click Here!

Gundog Training - Professional gundog trainer Tony Price explaining in simple english what you should and should not do during training, also covered in this section Electric idt collars.  Click Here!

Roost Shooting - All you need to know and more covered here in two concise parts.  Click Here!

Just For Laughs - Basically funny clips and outtakes to put a smile on your face.  Click Here!

How To - Everything from setting your kit up, cleaning and using it to locating Pigeons and acquiring permission.  Click Here!

Ask the Expert - Here different experts in their field are interviewed and pass an amazing wealth of knowledge along from Master Gunsmith Tim Greenwood to Professional Gundog trainer Tony Price.  Click Here!

Clay Shooting - A series of films explaining and teaching correct gun mount, stance and gun choice along with the different clay shooting disciplines.  Click Here!

Game Shooting - This category covers Game Shooting and includes unique access to a small local Pheasant Shoot syndicate explaining how a shoot operates.  Click Here!

Rifle Shooting - As the name suggests this category is going to be everything and anything to do with rifles, including cleaning, loading ammunition, rifle scopes, Generation 3 Archer Night Vision, night time fox control and deer stalking to come.  Click Here!

DVDs For Sale - This section has different DVDs at various lengths and prices to buy direct through Paypal. Buy a shooting dvd from just £4.99 Delivered.  Click Here!

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